How to Choose the Best Villa Builders in Bangalore?

For those who want to buy a villa in Bangalore, one of the most important decisions to take is the location of the property. The second vital decision is the builder of the property you plan on buying. As there are some fly-by-night type of builders out there who will promise you heaven and earth in the name of a dream home and then disappear with your money, you need to be vigilant.

Always buy a villa from a well-known builder who has a reputation for delivering quality homes. Here is a look at some easy pointers to look for in a builder:

Background Research

The internet has made searching for the best villa builders in Bangalore so much easier. Once you have finalized on a location, search for the best builder portfolios in that area as well as review what people have to say about these builders. Check if they have a reputation for timely deliveries and quality constructions.

Quality End-Product

Since your home is supposed to last you for your lifetime and more, look for builders who don’t take shortcuts when it comes to the structure and foundation of your dream home. This is aside from the fittings and finishings that are equally important to your home.


The best builders in Bangalore should not only offer quality homes, but also offer aboveboard transaction experiences. There should be transparency in all aspects of the sale, starting from honesty about the actual carpet area of the villa, down to straightforwardness about the legal paperwork. Reputed builders should give you regular updates on construction, their associate contractors as well as their bankers.


Buying a villa is money-intensive and your builder should be ready to answer your every question, however trite it may appear. You need the assurance that your money is going into a secure investment, probably the biggest investment of a lifetime. Your builder should be able to understand you and provide exactly what you need.

For those of you looking to buy villas in Bangalore, check out the luxurious ‘Under the Sun’ villas by the prestigious Fortius Infra builders. Fortius Infra, headquartered in Bangalore was founded in 2013 by Gopi Krishnan, a visionary who has over two decades of experience in the real estate business both in India and internationally. Fortius Infra is anchored in enduring values and is committed to ethical standards, as well as transparency that the real estate business demands.

The prestigious Under the Sun villas lie in a 30-acre verdant fruiting orchard in Devanahalli, North Bangalore. Located close to NH7 and 5.5km from the airport, these villas are in close proximity of IT parks, educational institutions, premium healthcare facilities and commercial and entertainment centers.

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