Getting into Urban Terrace Farming

Getting into Urban Terrace Farming - Under The Sun

Gardening is a great way to de-stress from the taxing demands of urban living, but why stop at gardening only on the ground level. For those lucky enough to have a terraced villa home, the terrace is another option to create a rejuvenating green patch.

The concept of terrace farming is becoming increasingly popular in cities, thanks to the need for greener spaces. Apart from growing flowers, why not grow your vegetables too? This way, you get to have fresh, pesticide-free, healthier vegetables. Here are some benefits of terrace farming that should convince you to delve into this venture.

Cooler interiors

Exposed rooftops heat up during the day and increase the interior temperatures. Having a green cover on your rooftops can reduce this effect by 6-7%.

Healthy food

The fear of pesticide-laced food is driving people into growing their food, and what better place than the terrace.


Having your garden encourages composting at source to provide nutrition for your plants. It also encourages rainwater harvesting.

Greener spaces

Green spaces are luxury in cities. Those living in terraced villas have the opportunity of increasing green spaces while providing an eye-soothing haven to de-stress in.

Getting into Urban Terrace Farming - Under The Sun

Urban terrace farming is catching on fast due to the numerous benefits associated with it. However, it may seem a little daunting at the beginning and the best way to start is on a small scale with a couple of pots and some herbs or chili plants. With a little bit of pre-planning and well-thought-out spacing, you can put your barren terrace space to good use.

Getting started

If the villa is built according to the books, it can take the weight of not just small plants, but some medium-sized trees as well. However, you will need to water-proof the surface to prevent any water ingress.

Good soil

Getting the soil mix right is essential. Mix compost coir pith, vermicompost, and soil in equal portions for healthy soil. You can top up the compost every week, where possible.

Plants to grow

Almost everything can be grown on the terrace, barring big trees. You can grow herbs, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins, and even banana or guava trees.

Getting into Urban Terrace Farming - Under The Sun

Other facts

The garden should be watered twice a day and shade can be provided during the scorching summer season. Avoid watering during the rainy season.

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