Dining Room Setting Ideas

Dining Room Setting Ideas

The dining room is that space in your home where the family gathers at the end of each day to nourish their bodies as well as share the day’s adventure with the rest of the family. The atmosphere should be family-friendly and the furnishing comfortable to allow members to sit and chat in a relaxed manner.

Hence it makes that your dining room is designed perfectly to suit the needs of your friends and family. While dining rooms come in all shapes and sizes, it takes a keen eye to decorate them perfectly. You can have bold and eye-catching dining room settings to minimalist, casual or rustic settings.

Dining Table

The most important feature in the dining room is the dining table. Depending on the size and shape of the dining room, you should have a table that isn’t too big or too small for space. You can go with the traditional wooden tables, marble or granite tabletops or the more contemporary-style glass tables, depending on your decor style.

Dining Chairs

Go with dining chairs that are comfortable and roomy enough to encourage the occupants to relax. Straight-backed, hard dining chairs won’t encourage its occupants to sit back and linger to chat.


Since people spend comparatively less time in the dining room, it should make an impact in the short time available. The walls of the dining room can be painted in warm colours like red or gold, colours that create a glow. The red colour is also believed to encourage appetite.


The focus has to be on the dining table of course. A hanging pendant light or chandelier over the dining table adds focus on what is important – the food. There are different designs of hanging lights available to suit both traditional and contemporary décor styles. Unobtrusive wall scones can be used to provide ambient light for the rest of the area.

Wall décor

You could use a blank wall to create a collage of mix-and-match photo frames of the family to give the dining room a personal touch. A large eye-catching painting or artwork as a stand-alone on a wall would also make an outstanding statement. Ensure that the colours don’t clash with the room’s décor.


If you have natural garden views, then large picture windows would create a perfect backdrop setting for your dining room.

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