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Bangalore has outstanding tech parks, well-planned residential areas, lush greenery and a favourable climate that is a huge lure for many professionals. In Bangalore, sizeable infrastructural developments have happened in the North, East and South sections. North Bangalore in particular has remained an evergreen favourite through generations. With its share of large infrastructure projects, IT parks, educational institutions and hospitals, North Bangalore is now all set

Gifting the Joy of Summer – Special Mango Hampers Gifted

For the Fortius Infra family, the Under the Sun villa project at Devanahalli (Bangalore) is very special. This unique green villa project in North Bangalore offers contemporary villas nestled amongst fruit trees, providing a much-coveted shade and greenery of a thousand trees (2650 to be precise!) It is thus with great joy that the Fortius team celebrated this year’s summertime harvest by sharing the produce with its esteemed customers,partners, and close associates.

Why Expats love North Bangalore!

Having undergone rapid development in a matter of two decades, Bengaluru has carved a niche, as one of the most liveable metropolises in India, both in terms of climate and opportunities. Hence, Bangalore has had a good influx of migrants from other Indian states as well as overseas expats from the global community.
The city’s exponential growth can be heavily attributed to the migrant population especially with them contributing considerably to the technological and business sectors. India’s garden city is also home to

Faster connectivity to and fro from the city

Located 40 km away from Bengaluru, Devanahalli was a quiet village interspersed with farm lands, around a decade ago. Ever since the place became a promising hub because it has one of the busiest airports in India, the demand for this location has increased considerably.
Today, it is one of the top hotspots for real estate investments in Bangalore. Devanahalli has certain qualities, which make it a city dweller’s paradise. There are still hidden corners in Devanahalli that are untouched by development or pollution

Uncongested Living in North Bangalore

How often have you wished to be anywhere else but in India, just to evade the summer heat? The extensive vacation plans develop from that mere thought. But not many of us can afford to hop onto a plane and avoid the responsibilities waiting back home.If you are anything like us, there’s nothing more frustrating than being confined to the four walls of the office and home all through the hot season.Hold that thought! Jules Renard once said ‘On earth, there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it,’ what if your home is one of those pieces?

Homes Embedded in the Tranquility Of Nature

When it comes to purchasing a house, an urbanite has quite a few vital factors to consider – proximity to workplace, convenient location and safe neighbourhood among many others. But for many, a home is much more than a place they live in.

A Green Escape in North Bangalore

The world we live in no more resembles the lush green terrains we grew up in. It’s not completely wrong to say that today our environment consists mostly of concrete blocks and plastic. Rapid urbanisation of Indian cities and the increased influx of people have given rise to a rather ‘grey landscape’.More homes are vertical, with personal green space usually limited to a few square feet of balcony.Rapid & unplanned urbanization contribute to poor air quality, air and water contamination, noise pollution.

Mangoes & Memories – And You Can Relive Them Here

There was a time not so long ago when having trees around your home was the standard and not the exception. Where vacations and weekends would be spent lounging on the thick barks of mango trees while relishing the sweetness of mangoes and the shade of the green canopy. With the march of urbanisation many of us are far removed from these sweet memories.