Checklist for Eco-Friendly Villas

With natural resources running out and global warming setting in, the need for eco-friendly villas is becoming increasingly necessary. Eco-friendly, sustainable homes aren’t just about segregating your waste and then calling it a day. A lot more goes into the making buildings ‘green’.

Why is Devanahalli the Best Place to live in?

With Bangalore becoming increasingly congested, there are a few basic things one must look out for when buying a home. These include looking for areas with peaceful neighbourhoods, low pollution levels, good wide roads and easy availability of ground water.

Vishu and Mangoes

Vishu is the first day of the lunar month of Medam and is celebrated as the onset of spring. It signifies the beginning of the new astrological year. Traditionally, it was celebrated as the New Year till 825 AD when it was changed to August-September.Vishu is the first day of the lunar month of Medam and is celebrated as the onset of spring.

Tips for Minimal Indian Décor

The world is becoming more crowded, noisy and stressful by the day. And when you get back home, all you want is some peace and serenity. To make your home an oasis of peace and serenity, one should go in for minimalistic décor, the type that doesn’t include the use of too many garish colours or looks cluttered.

Vastu Tips for a Healthy Life

Every principle in Vastu Shastra is backed up by a scientific reasoning, mostly fine-tuned for the good health of the homeowners. Vastu’s main outline is to enhance positivity and ventilation around a building and that can surely impact your home and your lifestyle. You can read more about Vastu, its history and importance,

Checklist for Buying Your First Villa

Buying a home is a major priority for everyone but there are many factors to consider before taking the leap. Before you embark on the journey of buying your dream home, here is a checklist which should ensure that it’s a hassle-free experience.

Eco friendly Villas – A Growing Trend in Bangalore

Eco-friendly homes are capturing the imagination of people lately. Nowadays, the demand for eco-friendly homes has gone up in Bangalore and developers in Bangalore are busy changing their building and designing strategies to get IGBC-approved (Indian Green Building Council) homes.

Regional New Years and the Importance of Mango Trees 

India is truly the land of cultural diversities that are unified in many surprising ways. Just take a look at the New Year being celebrated around the country and you would see that the new year is celebrated on different days by different communities.While majority of the world celebrates…