Ideas for a Vintage Inspired Décor

Fashions and trends have a habit of going round in circles. What was fashionable 20 years ago might suddenly pop up again with a twist and everyone would love it. Home decor also tends to follow such trends.

Is your Home Clean for Real?

When it comes to cleaning your home, it is better not to follow the misguiding tips available on the internet and instead go for tried and tested ways of keeping your home spotlessly clean.

Luxe Colors for Your Homes

When decorating your home, the colors you go with are usually a self-expression of how you see your home. You are most probably going to end up choosing the colors that have an emotional connect…

Make your Home Pet-Friendly

Owning a pet is the beginning of a long & special relationship. Whether your pet is furry, feathered or finned, a lot of responsibility goes into its care & well being .

Ways to create a Zen Bathroom

Gone are the days when the bathroom was merely a functional area and relegated as an outhouse structure. The advent of the stressful modern era has increasingly added more importance to the bathrooms..

The Importance of Biophilic Homes

For those new to the term ‘Biophilia’, it refers to a love of life, or more specifically, living things. The term was originally coined by philosopher and psychoanalyst, Erich Fromm in the 1960’s.

Homes Made for Entertaining

The current corporate culture calls for a lot of networking and entertaining and your homes need to be up to the mark for it. One of the key requirements for entertaining, at home is the need for sufficient space to socialize in. Squeezing a number of people within the confined spaces of an apartment

Embracing Open Style Floor Designs in India

Homes with open style floor designs are popular in the West, and Indians are fast catching up on this concept. The conventional closed layout designs have always been the norm for Indian homes with an extended family structure, where closed rooms and privacy were pertinent factors.

Perks of Living amidst Green Locales

Parks and playgrounds have always been a esential part of childhood, a place where children can play and work out their excess energy in the arms of Mother Nature. That is how you and your parents and grandparents have grown up, but unfortunately this chain is now getting broken as people are moving away