Benefits of Investing in a ‘Lifestyle Property’

With paychecks getting bigger and better and people becoming more globalized and discerning about their lifestyles, it’s no wonder that a section of society is craving for homes that are more than just homes – they are looking for lifestyle properties that silently shout out who they are.

People want homes that are increasingly exclusive and offer all the things required for good living within their home and its unique surroundings. Such lifestyle properties are also homes that are meant for a discerning few and usually come with neighborhoods that are preferred by like-minded residents. The features of a lifestyle property usually include neighbors who are among the ‘who’s who’ of society and also have high-end residences. The location of such homes is usually in an exclusive area with easy access to tasteful conveniences and premium amenities. These luxurious lifestyle properties also offer greater privacy and exclusivity to its inhabitants.

Since lifestyle properties are a cut above the regular residences, they offer environments that will keep you physically fit and emotionally at peace. They come fully-loaded with premium amenities that would be the envy of many. The purpose of a lifestyle property is that it should enhance your life positively, for example if you enjoy an after-dinner stroll, then you need to live in a neighborhood that is safe and well-lit.

A lifestyle property doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive – it just needs to fit into your daily needs. The right home for you has to fulfill your unique requirements and fall within your budget. The high-concept features and unusual amenities that your home possesses are what add to your joy and make it a lifestyle property – and its neighborhood enhances your property’s appeal.

The desire for owning homes that ‘stand out’ and are a ‘cut above others’ is driving a demand for ultra-luxurious homes in most cities. Majority of the lifestyle properties are usually luxurious and can be found on estates with various features that stand out.

If you are living in Bangalore, then check out the ‘Under the Sun’ villas that are lifestyle properties located inside a verdant fruit orchard in Devanahalli. These spacious villas are luxuriously designed to fit in all the features that add more meaning and comfort to life. This gated community project features a plethora of amenities that will get you outdoors and leading a healthy life. There is an abundance of manicured greenery, Zen gardens, sprawling lawns, jogging/walking lanes, garden rooms, multi-gaming courts, Koi ponds and numerous fruiting trees. Find out more here: