A Close Look at the Various Décor Styles

A Close Look at the Various Décor Styles - Under The Sun

When it comes to decorating your home, your décor choices say a lot about your personality. There are diverse décor styles to cater to your sensibilities, from the free-spirited Bohemian to the Industrial, Eclectic and the Traditional, Contemporary or sophisticated Minimalistic. They all display unique colors, architecture styles and moods. Here’s a closer look at each of these styles:


There is a certain beauty in carefree chaos where there are no rules to follow. This style is a mix of elements from different eras and countries. It’s an unconventional mix of accessories and focusses on the layering effect. This Bo-ho style uses a wide color palette with ethnic patterns.


This décor style finds harmony in varying types of colors, textures, and designs. The general rule of play involves the mix and match of opposite elements such as matte and glossy, monochromes and bright hues and finding common ground between varying types of furniture and accessories. Bright colors are combined with neutrals to provide a breather within the chaos.


This style isn’t for everyone; it includes a rustic, unfinished industrial design that brings in the warehouse look. It includes open floor plans, high ceilings, bare windows, and exposed piping. Bare brickwork and polished concrete floors anchor the whole look. Colors used vary from browns to grays.


Thriving on the abundance of open space, this style includes streamlined shapes, neat designs and minimal furniture done up in muted shades. The predominant color is white for walls, ceilings, floor, and furniture. Grays with a small splash of bright colors are used as accents.


This functional style celebrates asymmetry with clean lines for furniture and accessories. It inculcates a sophisticated look with open floor plans and minimal clutter-free décor. Colors used are muted shades of beige, gray and browns and there is greater use of glass, chrome, and concrete.

A Close Look at the Various Décor Styles - Under The Sun


Emphasis is on a fresh look with open spaces and natural light. Light-colored woods and subtle natural fabrics provide clean lines with softer edges. Sleek features with clean lines and an absence of extravagant décor define the muted and masculine contemporary styles.


Warmth and comfort prevail through the use of colors, elaborate furniture designs and formal furniture placements. Abundant use of fabrics, dressed-up furniture, elaborate window dressings and liberal use of decorative accessories complete the traditional look. Cozy and curvy furniture with designed woodwork along with a neutral palette add warmth.

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