5 Unique Experiences Only The People Living In Villas Can Have

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Sophisticated elegance, rarefied beauty, and impeccable service: a bespoke experience awaits you at a luxury villa. And when you invest in a villa project like Under The Sun by Fortius Infra you sign up for something extra. However, let us first tell you about the five unique experiences and then move on to the project.

Luxury is unlimited and private

A terrace, private pool, and lush green garden and a comprehensive experience that will suit your lifestyle are what a villa life offers you. You can host high-end parties and live a high-end lifestyle when you invest in a villa project.

Freedom of customization

A allows you for customization, within a set of stipulated rules. This type of flexibility is not possible whenever you are living in the apartments.

Absolute tranquillity

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet close to all urban conveniences, villa projects like Under the Sun gives you an ample dose of tranquility.

Your haven

At Under the Sun, bespoke experiences await you. And they are so unique that you will relish coming home to unwind at the end of a long day.

Pawfect for your furry friends

Some communities do not allow pets, especially in cities like Bengaluru. At Under the Sun, you have the perfect space for your best friend too.

At Under the Sun, we explore the best natural assets and the finest in architectural design to ensure that our villa designs have the best of all worlds; verdant tranquility and beautiful views that form the backdrop to a contemporary lifestyle, replete with access to the finest amenities. All of this while being close enough to the city. Under the Sun, By Fortius Infra offers plots in a 30 acre Fruit Orchard in North Bangalore, where custom-designed villas are built. This project is located 5.5 km from the Bangalore International Airport flyover and 2 km from the NH7. A densely wooded expanse at the end of a wide concrete road. Sunrays filter through the lush canopy of fruit yielding trees and birds twitter a chorus that recalls a quieter, pleasanter time. A 500 acre protected lake bed and uninterrupted views of the Nandi Hills inspire the mindscape. The organic luxury, inspired design, and a future of promise make it the perfect address for those who seek a contemporary address with a yesteryear charm. Aligned to the concept of holistic living, the site is 100% Vasthu compliant In harmony with the elements.

The refined design sensibilities reflect indoors in the understated luxury, exclusivity, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of carefully handpicked materials and fitments making it fit just for you. Contact us for more details.