5 Smart Space Saving Hacks for Your Villa

spacious villas

With a growing population and space running out in the big cities, homes are also getting smaller. Making the best use of the available space means very careful planning and using innovative space-saving ideas to keep all your things. You wouldn’t want your home to look cramped and cluttered either, hence a few creative hacks would come in handy. Here’s a look at some surefire ways to make the most of the space in your villa:

Minimalistic Layouts

Minimalistic lifestyles and minimalistic decor are slowly making their way into Indian homes. Minimalist decor works on the principle of ‘Less is More’ and includes doing away with non-essential items from a room. Only key pieces of functional furnishing need to be retained. This is a logical way of maximizing space and allowing easy flow of energy through your home.

Dual-function Furniture

With storage being key in most Indian homes, especially with multi-generational families living together, it is always better to go with furniture that also doubles up as storage units. This way, you minimize space and extra storage furniture. Beds with drawers and built-in storage compartments make perfect space-saving hacks. Other popular dual-functional furniture includes foldable and extendable tables and bed-cum-sofas.

Modular Furnishing

Instead of spreading clutter and creating an eyesore with separate pieces of furniture for different functions such as bookshelves separate, TV units separate, display cabinets separate. Opt for a multi-purpose, space-saving modular unit instead, which allows you to fulfill all these functions without creating visual clutter.

Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens refer to built-in appliances and cabinets that make great space-saving options. Instead of overwhelming your kitchen area with multiple stand-alone appliances, incorporate modular kitchen units that enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen too.

Vertical Storage

By adding shelves along the wall, you not only save on essential floor space, but you create an illusion of greater height of the ceiling too. You can use shelves for displaying books, decor items, or as storage spaces. Wall-mounted tables are another way to save on floor space.

Hopefully, these space-saving hacks will prove helpful to you. But for those buying into the uber-classy ‘Under the Sun’ villas located within a fruiting orchard in Devanahalli, Bangalore, space won’t be a problem. These spacious 3 & 4BHK villas boast open, contemporary designs that offer oodles of space-saving features and large picture windows, offering you loads of visual freedom!